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Episode 1

Interview With Baseball United Chairman, CEO, & Co-Founder Kash Shaikh

In the debut episode of The Baseball United Podcast, join host Liam Skiffington as he sits down for an exclusive conversation with Baseball United's Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder Kash Shaikh. From navigating the challenges of starting a new league to fostering the unique Baseball United culture and determining the right people to work with, Kash shares personal insights into the journey of Baseball United. Kash also gives us the inside scoop on Baseball United's groundbreaking partnership with Saudi Arabia and the strategic vision driving the creation of new franchises in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

What We Discuss
  • 2:38 Baseball United Year in Review
  • 4:26 Partnership with Saudi Arabia
  • 8:33 Relationship with the Saudi Baseball & Softball Federation
  • 12:00 The Importance of Government Partnerships
  • 13:36 Initial Meeting with Saudi Government
  • 18:12 Expansion Draft for New Saudi Franchises
  • 18:43 Introducing the Arabia Wolves and Mid East Falcons
  • 23:09 Integrating Baseball United into the Culture of Saudi Arabia
  • 26:25 How Baseball united Fits Into Vision 2023
  • 29:10 Game Plan For Nurturing Local Talent in Saudi Arabia
  • 31:20 Building Stadiums in Saudi Arabia From Scratch
  • 33:28 Baseball’s Role in The Saudi Sports Scene
  • 37:00 Ripple Effects of the Partnership For the Global Baseball Community
  • 40:14 Birth of Baseball United
  • 47:09 The Culture of Baseball United Ownership
  • 49:07 Most Pivotal Moment in Baseball United History
  • 50:30 Balancing Rapid Expansion While Maintaining Integrity of the Game
  • 52:30 How Baseball United is Leveraging Technology
  • 53:42 Kash Shaikh’s Message to Fans