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Episode 3

Baseball United Co-Owner Robinson Chirinos On Fueling Baseball's Global Reach

MLB veteran and Baseball United Co-Owner Robinson Chirinos sits down with host Liam Skiffington to discuss his involvement in the league and the organization's vision. Chirinos highlights the significance of Baseball United chairman Kash Shaikh’s leadership and being a part of the most prolific ownership group in sports. The two discuss the value of mentoring young players and fostering teamwork, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping the future of baseball. Additionally, Chirinos reflects on his time in MLB and the state of baseball in Venezuela. Robinson further delves into Baseball United's impact and future, driving the expansion of baseball into new regions and inspiring young players.

What We Discuss
  • 2:50 Getting involved in Baseball United
  • 7:39 Kash Shaikh’s leadership and vision
  • 9:58 Baseball United’s prolific ownership group
  • 12:14 Witnessing the transformation of a cricket pitch to a baseball diamond
  • 16:24 Importance of Baseball United’s mission
  • 18:25 Giving the opportunity to kids to become professional baseball players
  • 20:32 Importance of organizational communication
  • 22:50 The future of Baseball United
  • 26:22 Importance of good coaching to grow the game
  • 26:50 Impact of having four native Venezuelans in the ownership group
  • 28:44 Rise of Venezuelan stars in MLB
  • 31:10 Challenges for Venezuelan players
  • 34:40 Importance of mentoring young players
  • 39:07 Treating people well